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A Partnership for Life: Wounded Vet Meets New Therapy Dog


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Disabled by a bomb blast that took his left leg, a 23-year-old Army specialist has a new partner and new hope for the future.

Wounded Asheboro, NC soldier Josh Craven met Fleet, his new therapy dog for the first time while home for a family visit. Craven has been recovering and undergoing physical therapy treatment at an Army hospital in Washington.

Within an hour of meeting each other, it was apparent that Josh and his new partner were going to make a great team.

“It’s more real now that I actually get to see and pet him. Now I see his personality; he’s pretty laid back like me,” Josh said with a light-hearted laugh.

The five month old therapy dog comes from the Carolina Patriot Rovers, a group that pairs disabled vets with therapy K-9’s named after soldiers who perish in battle. Fleet was named after James “Fleet” McClamrock, a fallen soldier.

“It means a lot to knowing that I have a service dog who’s not just had a name picked out. His name actually means something. He was named after a fallen hero,” Josh said.