A Postcard for the Animal Abuser

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*warning:  Rated PG for adult language (this is loaded with f bombs), and it could not be more appropriate

This terrific and slightly edgy slideshow/video just came out and the buzz is already substantial – with good reason. The message fits, and I applaud Let’s Adopt for pushing the limits a bit to send a strong and very direct message: animal abuse and those who perpetuate it just plain suck.

Hide the kids before you hit the play button, and good luck getting that catchy tune out of your head…


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18 thoughts on “A Postcard for the Animal Abuser”

  1. Very catchy tune. I’ve got my ear bud in and am singing along at the top of my lungs here at work. 😉

  2. This song and video is perfect. It will be the anthem of my little girl who was rescued this year after being abused. Someone broke her jaw and allowed it to heal badly. It was so bad that she was only able to open her mouth about 2 cm. It made this very difficult to eat and she was severely emancipated as a result. A rescue was able to find a vet who was able to perform surgery on her and she can now open here mouth to eat, bark, play, etc. She will never look normal as her jaw bones fused in a odd way when they healed but she can live the life of a normal dog. Her name is Pretty Girl and she is an American Staffordshire Terrier. We call her our Pretty Girl with the crooked smile.


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