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One of my favorite finds this year was the trailer for Madonna of the Mills. Laura Flynn Amato has inspired countless dog lovers to act on behalf of those who cannot save themselves, and this powerful and important documentary is garnering much acclaim – as well it should.

A recent News4 piece takes a look at the film and catches up with the unassuming Amato for a brief interview as Madonna of the Mills gains momentum and opens the eyes of the uninitiated. If this is your first encounter with the film be prepared: it’s deeply affecting in the best way possible.

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8 thoughts on “The Puppy Protector”

  1. What an amazing woman!!! And we all know there are many more unsung rescuers out there. Thanks to all of them from us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. This is a dedicated woman ,an unsung heroine ,I applaud her on behalf of each and every animal that she has saved

  3. Laura is a friend of mine and she is such a great person I am so happy her message is getting spread around with this film! since the film was made the dogs she saved are over 3600!! The movie is so great & it will open peoples eyes to something some do not know – it is also on sale @ the website!!

  4. Words cannot express how awesome Laura is. All the pups just tell the story in their eyes when they are rescued and find home all because of Laura. She is an amazing unselfish person and that is so hard to come by this day and age. God Bless Laura..

  5. She is a miracle person! She has exposed puppy mills to somone like me who considered myself an animal advocate, I was buying dogs from petstores until I found out when I saw her documentary about the mills. That was about two yrs ago. I am now in full throttle, actively protesting petstores and spreading awareness to the public about the dirty little secret that this industry hides! Dogs living in cages for life! in deplorable conditions, without medical assistance, without exercise, emotional stability and they are expected to mate and breed like factories. They also have their vocal cords cut so they can’t bark. See the documentary Madonna of the Mills, google puppymills. This is mans’ best friend, and this is happening all over the world and in the good old USA. If you want to stop this horrible practice, don’t buy from petstores or online, only from rescues and shelters. There is a rescue for every breed. We believe that the mills will be closed or stores will go humane, becuase we will never give up on these dogs in the mills. Also, do not support back yard breeders. There are enough dogs in shelters dying every day, as this vicsious cycle continues, puppy mills and backyard breeders. Spread the word to your friends and family, about the horrors of puppy mills. The AKC also supports puppy mills and is the organization that gets paid to register these dogs. They are interbred and most have medical problems. Thank You!


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