A Stranger Among Us

Well, well, who do we have here?

Pay no mind to the video title – it doesn’t look like these two will be bagging a buck any time soon…

Life With Dogs post end paw print

16 thoughts on “A Stranger Among Us”

  1. Weren’t Great Danes originally bred to bring down deer in Europe?
    These guys do their ancestors proud. 🙂

  2. “your nose is wet, your eyes are bright, your tail is swinging from left to right, sound off, woof woof…”

  3. They went from having their feelings hurt because the deer wouldnt play with them to being pissed off!! Lesson learned….if 2 Great Danes want to play with you, you better play with them…LOL!!
    And I thank you for the long close up of Ike’s butthole!! 😉

  4. see where they attack? hind leg and the neck! N i love the way one of the dog’s ear folded back. too cute 😀


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