A tiny dog with a unbeatable spirit wins hearts and finds her forever home

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A tiny dog with matted fur and only 2 teeth was left overnight at the Waterloo Humane society was not a prime candidate for adoption, especially after it was discovered that she had cancer.  But the bright eyed and spirited 10 year old Pomeranian won the hearts of everyone she met and is now living in a wonderful forever home.

Things were not looking promising for the dog named Wanda, whose 2 remaining teeth were rotten and who had to shaved to remove the matted fur.  Then things looked even worse when vets spayed her and discovered that she had cancer in her uterus.  The uterus was removed but when she was put up for adoption she came with a “buyer beware” tag.

In spite of the neglect she suffered as well as the cancer, this little dog was unstoppable.  She would run around excitedly, wagging her tail and smiling with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.  The humane society saw happy little spark plug and dubbed her “a special case” saying “this little fighter has not given up.”

Janet Spencer is a volunteer at the Humane Society, but she didn’t know about little Wanda until she saw a video on the Facebook page.   She went to see Jenny Maciel, the humane society’s dog co-ordinator and they went to Wanda’s kennel together.  “I walked over to the kennel and lightly tapped. She looked up,” Spencer said.  “She jumped out of her little bed and she was wagging her tail. She came right up to the door.”

That was all the encouragement Spencer needed.  “I said, ‘Jenny, wrap her up. She’s coming home. That’s my Christmas present,’ ” she recalled.  Spencer and her husband don’t care about the cancer, or Wanda’s age.  They know they will love and enjoy every moment they have together.  “There was just something about her. It’s those eyes,” Spencer said.  “You don’t know how long they’re going to last. We could still have her for five years or … for less time. It’s a chance that you take.  I figure, you know, even if they’ve only got six months, give them all the love and attention you have.”

Wanda has settled in beautifully at the Spencer’s home, getting along well with their 2 other big dogs and the cats, and piling happily into bed with her new parents at night.  Says Spencer, “I will cry when (Wanda’s) gone. But this way, when she passes, she’s not going to be by herself.”

6 thoughts on “A tiny dog with a unbeatable spirit wins hearts and finds her forever home”

  1. What a beautiful story. I have tears flowing right now because I have a beautiful dog, Mugsy, who was rescued from a puppy mill and whom we adopted two years ago. The groomer noticed a lump on her and it turns out it was a mammory tumor and was malignant. She was operated on, and the gland removed but we don’t know if they were able to remove the cancer. She is such a loveable little girl and has come a long way, with a lot of love and patience. I was moved by your story because you are there for Wanda now, not knowing how long you will have with her. You find joy in the here and now and I am so trying to do that with my Mugsy and enjoy each and every moment, instead of focusing on what may or may not happen. Thank you for your incredible story. It has made my day and my outlook a little more positive. God bless you all.

  2. This is a story close to my heart – we have a 7 year old beautiful dog coming to us for the holidays. Her name is Eva and she is a stray from Greece. She has Osteosarcoma and a back leg removed already. We do not know how long with have with her but it will be a really great time if not a long time. She will have two other dogs to play with and 2 cats to also share her time with. We do not care what they have, we are their guardians and when they need us, we need to be there for them. You have earned your angel wings Janet!

  3. Bless your hearts!!! I, too have adopted senior special needs dogs and even though they may only live a year or two, I can’t even begin to describe the love and affection we share for whatever time they have left. I have never experienced more grateful dogs than rescued dogs!

    I know it’s so very sad when they pass on, but I like to think that the void they have left will be filled by another needy dog. For some of us, this is part of our life’s purpose. 🙂


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