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A Truly Happy Ending for Pocket

by Fred

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Pocket with her brother when they were rescued
Pocket with her brother when they were rescued

When Pocket (formerly known as Bunny) was found dumped near a baseball field in New Jersey, the situation looked pretty grim.  She was severely emaciated, and was found standing over her brother in an attempt to comfort and protect him.

At the time, Pocket and her brother were about six-months-old, and were under 14 pounds each.  The average weight for a dog of that breed at that age is around 50 pounds.  It’s been stated in an animal control report that it’s believed the pair were starved for several months, and their condition was so bad, it caused an attending vet call it an “extreme, extreme case of neglect.”

Now, Pocket is doing much, much better.  In just two weeks of being in the care of animal control authorities she gained 11 pounds.  She’s up near 25 pounds, and is on her way up to a healthy weight.  Pocket is now going to be a full time member of Karla Barricella of Bergen County.  Karla read about Pocket and the story behind her rescue in a newspaper, and decided to try to adopt her.

Two years ago, Karla’s beloved Rottweiler had passed on.  She saw a picture accompanying Pocket’s story and instantly knew that she was ready to have a dog in her life again.

“My heart opened up again, said Karla.  “The love, you can just feel it.  She is the sweetest, dearest animal.  I will give her the warmest, dearest home in the world.”

Pocket today
Pocket today



Pocket will remain a bit small for her breed.  It due to the malnourishment she had to suffer through as a puppy that she will always be a bit smaller than other dogs of her kind.  Pocket has received a clean bill of health from Dr. Paul Sedlacek.  He owns the clinic that Pocket was brought to for treatment.

Karla vows to make sure that Pocket stays healthy for the rest of her days, and also make sure she knows she is loved, cared for and well fed for the rest of her days.

Karla’s son James said, “Her dogs get more presents at Christmas than we did as kids, because she takes good care of them.”

Authorities are still looking for a suspect or suspects in this case.  This person is wanted for animal cruelty, animal neglect and the eventual passing of her brother.  There is a $1,000 reward in place for information leading to the successful arrest and conviction of the responsible parties.  Any witnesses or those knowing anything about the case is urged to call Paterson Animal Control at 973-881-3640.