A unique way of keeping in touch with dad

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max 3Julian Beck is 5 years old and his best friend Max is almost 6 and they have an incredible bond.  Max is a 165 pound Newfoundland who is Julian’s constant companion.  The pair live on Whidbey Island, Washington state though they were both born in England while his father was stationed there.  Unfortunately Julian’s dad is frequently away on postings as a U.S. naval officer, so his mother Stasha, found a fun way to keep in touch.

Every day that her husband is away from home she takes a photo of Julian and Max and sends it to his dad.  The pair are quite photogenic and a couple of characters so the task is fun for her.  “Max usually sits there and takes orders from Julian. I just snap a few and post the photo that made me giggle the most. When I take photos on our hikes and adventures I tend to click as moments evolve too.  Very rarely will I ask if they can stand still for me and when I do photos never have the same “soul”.”

max 6Stasha adds, “Since Julian was three days old he has walked our dog with me every day. I believe the bond between them is strong because they take care of each other. Julian opens the door for Max to come in and out of the back yard and gives him a treat every morning.  Max protects him by putting himself between strangers or other dogs. Just the other day Max rescued Julian’s little toy wooden sail boat by swimming out when the wind blew it into the middle of the lake.  My son cried telling him to go and get it and he sure did. Not that he ever fetches a stick or a ball otherwise!”

max 4Max only barks at whales (and one particular UPS man) or if you stop scratching him too soon.  He loves to swim and is usuallly damp or outright wet, but he never takes his eyes off his pal Julian when they are outside.  And Julian gets annoyed when random strangers suggesting he should put a saddle on and ride his dog.  The bond is beautiful and unshakeable and Stasha has started a wonderful tradition with the daily photos that will help Julian’s dad feel connected no matter where he is.