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A Walk in the Park with Dogs and a Goose


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a walk in the park

Every day Ari Pieniek puts his two dogs, Blaze and Michael, into his car and drives to Myrtle Beach for a walk at Grand Park. There, they meet their good buddy, Abe, for a little company on their stroll. While a walk in the park is hardly newsworthy, there’s one interesting catch: Abe is a goose.

For the past two years Abe has made a routine of meeting Ari and his dogs for a stroll around park. The goose walks side by side with Ari and the dogs and at times, he even tries to jump in their van to go home with them at the end of their walk.

Ari says that when they first met, Blaze and Michael were indifferent to Abe, but over time Abe has become an extended member of the family, and now the dogs even protect him: if other dogs at the park get too close, Blaze and Michael spring into action and defend their furry best friend.

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