A Young Yorkie Returns Home After Being Stolen in Home Invasion

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Trixie Bell is happy to be back home with her family.


A Yorkshire terrier named Trixie Belle, who is just three months old, was stolen in a home invasion in the Roseville, Michigan area earlier this week. Her distraught owner came home and discovered her beloved puppy had been stolen, along with electronics and other valuable items.

Not concerned with any of the other missing items, the woman, who chose not to be named, was desperate for the return of her tiny puppy.

Anonymous information on the case which was passed to the police in connection with a string of home invasions in the area lead to the execution of a search warrant. A huge range of stolen items was found in two area homes, and further investigation led to a third home where tiny, terrified Trixie Belle was recovered.

There have been two arrests, a 29 year old woman, and a 17 year old man. A 19 year old man was still wanted by the police on Thursday. The two suspects arrested reportedly told police they were waiting for the “heat to die down” before they tried to sell Trixie Belle.

Trixie was taken for a veterinary examination, and was found to be in good health. She was nervous, and hungry, but showed no sign of injury.

The pup was reunited with her relieved companion, who says that she will not be leaving Trixie Belle in the house on her own again.