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Abandoned Dog Loses Leg to Bear Trap

by Katherine

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After being abandoned by his owners in Dalla, Texas, Wooly the former stray had to endure many things like hunger, thirst, wild animals, and even unkind humans. However, Wooly never though things could get worse, but they did after the former stray stepped into a bear trap and suffered unimaginable pain before losing his leg.

Photo credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC
Photo credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC

For weeks, Wooly dragged his injured leg and the trap and yet faced off attacks by other dogs and wild animals, until one day, the caught leg fell off and with it the trap. The injured and beaten dog was finally free from some pain, but his life was still in danger.

Skittish of everything and everyone, the dog avoided humans and rescuing him proved difficult, but this past November the dog was rescued and rushed to a veterinarian. A thorough check up revealed Wooly had cuts and infected wounds on his entire body and face. Not only had he lost his front paw, but one of his back legs was injured too.

Local rescuers worked with animal rescue partners in other states and found Wooly an organization willing to help him out, Second Chance Rescue NYC. In New York, rescuers plan to nurse Wooly back to health, offer him the best veterinary care and help him find a loving forever home.

Photo credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC
Photo credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC

His front mangled leg cannot be saved, there is infection and constant pain and it is best to amputate the leg.

The dog is now under foster care receiving the loved and attention he lacked and longed for during the past year. He is not out of the woods completely, but he is on his way to a better future.

Rescuers say Wooly will never be lonely again. They’ve promised him love, kindness and compassion and are doing what they can to make up for lost time.

“We cannot begin to imagine what his past has been like and the demons he has faced,” said recuers, “[but] we can ensure his future is warm and filled with love.”

If you want to learn more about Wooly and how you can help, visit Second Chance Rescue NYC YouCaring page.