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Dog Saves Dog from Icy Pond

by Katherine

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On Dec. 30, 2015, Mishka and Senga, two dogs from Maine, were out for an off leash stroll when the unthinkable happened. Mishka fell through thin ice into a frigid pond and almost lost her life. No one saw what happened and no one knew the dogs were in trouble, but thanks to Senga, Mishka is alive today.

Photo credit: New Gloucester Fire Rescue
Photo credit: New Gloucester Fire Rescue

After the unfortunate accident, Senga ran looking for help. The courageous dogs met one of his owner’s neighbors and grabbed the woman’s attention. The distressed dog was behaving odd and distant frantic dog barks convinced the human rescuer something was wrong.

According to a press release by New Gloucester Fire Rescue, Senga led the neighbor to her fur-sister’s location. After the neighbor realized a dog had fallen into the icy pond and was struggling to stay alive authorities were called.

Firefighters wearing cold-water suits found the trapped dog 150 feet off shore. Thanks to them, the smart dog and the quick thinking neighbor, Mishka was rescued and saved.

After getting checked by a veterinarian, Mishka went home to fully recover from the traumatic experience with the help of her caring and watchful sister.