Abandoned Dog Survives 14 Days Trapped in Foreclosed Home

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On October 1, 2014, animal control officers from Biddeford, Maine, rescued a malnourished white-and-brown terrier that was abandoned in a foreclosed home for 15 days. The previous home owners now face animal cruelty charges.

Sixty-one-year-old Bruce W. Friedel and his wife lost their home and on September 17, 2014, they abandoned the property leaving behind their dog and cat. Both animals were left with no food or water, nor did they have access to the outside.

Photo Credit: Biddeford Police Department
Photo Credit: Biddeford Police Department


Thanks to a tip, animal control learned of the pets in need and on the first of the month, officers visited the property to rescue the animals. When the doors were opened they found the floors covered with urine and feces.

“As officers entered the 1 Joshua Drive property, they were overwhelmed by an overpowering smell of urine, feces and filth,” said Deputy Biddeford Police Chief JoAnne Fisk. “The floor inside the property was covered with over a dozen piles of feces, [and] puddles of urine were also observed over the floors. There was no evidence of any water or food for the animals that was recognizable as animal food.”

Upon entering the residence, officers found a malnourished and underweight dog suffering from skin irritations and loss of hair. The cat was covered in fleas and had a broken leg.

Because the dog was fearful of humans he was muzzled prior to transport. At the vet clinic, the dog lost a tooth when the muzzle was removed, but veterinarians say this happened due to the dog’s advanced gum disease. The dog was also diagnosed with yeast and fungal infections on his skin.

Friedel has a court appearance on Dec. 17.

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    • Leave this POS locked up in a cell with no access to food or water or toilet for the same amount of time and let’s see how HE likes it. Hope these poor babies recover and find forever homes soon.

  1. Now lets lock him up & leave him alone somewhere with no food or water or a way to get out. See how he likes it. But reality is he will get a slap on the wrist & have to pay a fine. So sad :'(

  2. Person who forcloses should be required to visit & clear the house by the end of the day! I’ve seennthis story too many times. People can’t feed themselves, don’t know where they’ll sleep. So leave their pets behind, assuming they’ll be found & cared for.


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