Abandoned Dog With Sad Divorce Note Finds New Home

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Kirkland, Washington resident Paul Wu says he wants the child forced to give up a dog for adoption – the same child who attached a heartbreaking note to the dog before setting it free – to know that it is safe in a new home.

Wu found the stray while backing out of his driveway last week. When he got out of his car and approached it, he noticed something attached to the dog’s collar. Closer inspection led to the discovery of a bag attached to the dog’s collar. That bag contained money and a written, heartfelt plea.

“Please take care of Mr. B. He is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Six years old. My parents got divorced and Mr. B was supposed to go to the pound. I think he has a better chance with you. This is my birthday money for any of his care. He is used to kids, not other dogs. He’s a good boy. I know God will take care of Mr. B – Everyone loves him…especially me. Thank you.”

Wu brought the stray to work with him, and coworker Robert Kuchcinski decided to give it a home. “I’d hate to be a kid making that choice,” said Robert Kuchcinski, who has three children of his own. “It didn’t seem right that it would go to the pound.”

Kuchcinski and Wu say they want the concerned child to know that the dog is safe and loved. “All I want to do is let this person know, that we found him a good home. That’s the whole message,” said Wu in an interview with KING5.

“Hopefully they’re happy with the dog having a good home,” says Kuchcinski, “And things are fine with them too.”

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  1. It was touching when Wu started to choke up when he was reading the note. I’m glad the dog got a family. The circumstances are still a little odd. You would like to think that the people who had him before would have at least tried to look for him to make sure he was o.k. I don’t think the pound is a great answer, but neither is not having any idea what happened to the dog :(.

  2. that is just sad……my mom and i cried……that is a brave child to be able to do that for his dog…….very admirable!

  3. Mr. Wu you are a good man. Kuchcinski family you are a great family to have taken in this little dog. I don’t know what kind of person gets rid of a pet because they get rid of a spouse. That is wrong. I hope that the child knows that the little dog in now safe with a loving family.

  4. I help at a humane society that takes pets from the local kill shelters. Many people drop off animals without even attempting to find a home for them first. They have very shriveled souls. The top causes are that they are moving, the pet got too big, they have too many animals, the food is too expensive….

  5. I think that’s sad I love dogs I have. #2 dogs a boxr named Sade and a popey named lile


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