Abandoned, Dreadlocked Dog Gets Amazing Transformation

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Eldad Hagar and Annie Hart are at it again!  Hope for Paws and Annie Hart were in Compton when they spotted an absolutely terrified ragamuffin of a dog.  His fur was so matted that it was causing painful dreadlocks to form.  But a little love has completely changed his life.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog1

Neighbors said his owners moved away a year ago and just left him behind.  The abandoned dog was developing big dreadlocks, likely causing him pain.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog2

Eldad wasn’t using his lucky leash at first, but after just a few moments, the little dog warmed up to him.  He was taken in and had his neglected fur shaved.  Annie named him Theo.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog4

Poor little Theo’s spirit was broken.  He was dejected and needed to learn what love felt like.  Mutt Scouts wanted to help.  In foster care Theo is learning how to play like a big dog.  Now he needs a home.  If you can help, please Mutt Scouts.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog5



7 thoughts on “Abandoned, Dreadlocked Dog Gets Amazing Transformation”

  1. We live in the Desert along the California-Arizona border 30 plus miles from Blythe, CA. We save so many dogs here because we are along Hwy
    95, people think they can open their car doors and drop their dogs of then drive away. When they do that especially now at 110 degrees they are left out with no food or water. Then their are Coyotes, other wild animals. We have a horse out here on Tribal land in Arizona at 17800 15th Ave. Poston, AZ. There use to be two horses now there is one in a small pen no hay ( he use to steal it until the Farmers told him to stop or go to jail. No hay, no water the worse thing is no shade. The weather is getting it will be 115 in a few days. I have called CRIT Fish n Game & CRIT PD and they do nothing. The poor horse has lost at least 150 pounds. It is disgusting how this poor horse is starving and yet he has two teenage sons over 300 lbs. each. Some people should not have any animals. I need help to get this animal away from this family.

    • I hope you are able to do everything you can to ensure this horse gets the attention he needs. If they can afford to over feed their fat ass kids then there is no reason the horse should be without food.

    • Christina, have you posted photos of the horse on facebook? I would post that publicly and see if you can get some animal rescues or the media to step in before it is too late. You can set up an account and do it anonymously if you are concerned about personal repercussions from the owner.


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