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Abandoned, Dreadlocked Dog Gets Amazing Transformation

by Fred

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Eldad Hagar and Annie Hart are at it again!  Hope for Paws and Annie Hart were in Compton when they spotted an absolutely terrified ragamuffin of a dog.  His fur was so matted that it was causing painful dreadlocks to form.  But a little love has completely changed his life.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog1

Neighbors said his owners moved away a year ago and just left him behind.  The abandoned dog was developing big dreadlocks, likely causing him pain.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog2

Eldad wasn’t using his lucky leash at first, but after just a few moments, the little dog warmed up to him.  He was taken in and had his neglected fur shaved.  Annie named him Theo.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog4

Poor little Theo’s spirit was broken.  He was dejected and needed to learn what love felt like.  Mutt Scouts wanted to help.  In foster care Theo is learning how to play like a big dog.  Now he needs a home.  If you can help, please Mutt Scouts.

6.25.14 - Eldad Saves Dreadlocked Dog5