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Abandoned Labrador Rescued from Freezing Temperatures

by Katherine

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How many people would step up to save a dog’s life? For animal lovers this isn’t even a question, this is their purpose in life.

On Dec. 7, 2013, a chocolate Labrador was rescued from a Corpus Christi, Texas, backyard. The pet had been abandoned in the empty home for more than a week. Fortunately, neighbors had taken it upon themselves to feed the dog.

Abandoned dog gets rescued from the cold elements after a Good Samaritan reaches out for help.
Abandoned dog gets rescued from the cold elements after a Good Samaritan reaches out for help.

It appears the dog’s owners moved away and left the pet behind without food, water or shelter.

Recently Texas has been experiencing unusual cold temperatures and due to this a Good Samaritan placed a plea on an online community to save this poor dog from a freezing death.

“There was a posting on our group 361 Rescues United that a dog was left behind after a family moved,” Princess Martinez told KIIITV News. “Initially the girl said the dog was here without food or water for about a week.”

That same night rescuer arrived at 4600 block of Evelyn Street off of Sunnybrook to check on the dog, but because the pet was inside private property police were called to intervene.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures forecasted for the night Animal Control was called and the dog was pulled from the property.

The Labrador is currently safe at the local animal control facility, but a local rescue organization is working towards obtaining custody of the pet.

They hope to place the dog in a foster home and help it find a forever home.

Pets are not meant to be kept outside, especially in extreme weather conditions. We urge all pet owners to take appropriate measures to shelter their pets. If you see an animal in need, please contact local authorities or rescue groups and do everything within legal measures to ensure the pet receives the help it needs.