Abandoned Miracle Puppy Survives Weeks Locked in Kennel

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11.3.14 - Abandoned Miracle Puppy Survives Weeks Locked in Kennel1

A five-month-old puppy in Des Moines, Iowa has somehow survived without food, all alone in a cage for weeks.  When found, Scarlet weighed only seven pounds.  That’s only half of what a normal dog her age and breed should have been.

“We think she had probably gone three to four weeks without food.  A woman found Scarlet, and said, ‘She’s just so sick.  I don’t know what to do,’” said Martha Wittkowski of Animal Lifeline of Iowa.  “Couldn’t stand, couldn’t hold her head up.  It was very sad.”

Someone had left Scarlet abandoned, in a kennel left in a shed, covered by a blanket.

Right upon arrival, Scarlet was put on intravenous fluids and bathed.  All that they could do at that point, was wait, and hope.

“We were worried.  We didn’t know if she would make it that first night,” said Wittkowski.

Scarlet then spent several days in the ICU, clinging to life by a thread.

11.3.14 - Abandoned Miracle Puppy Survives Weeks Locked in Kennel2

“She knew human touch.  She wanted to be held,” said Wittkowski.

In about five days, Scarlet got up to take her first steps.  Immediately, medical staff and volunteers knew something was wrong.  She had all sorts of problems walking.

“We found out her elbow is broken,” Wittkowski said.

It was an old injury.  Surgery was not an option at this late stage of the game.  Even though she’s had this broken elbow, Scarlet found a way to adapt.

While she continues to heal, Scarlet is learning to be a dog.

“All she wants to do is play, wants to bite, chews on everything,” said Wittkowski.  “She’s actually a five month old puppy now.  It’s a dramatic, the change just from good nutrition and a lot of love.”

11.3.14 - Abandoned Miracle Puppy Survives Weeks Locked in Kennel3

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  1. The person who locked this puppy in a cage and left her for months should be hung by some protruding portion of his or her body with piano wire. It is uconscionable, heartless and unforgiveable to do this to any defenseless being.

  2. If you do not want a dog take it to a shelter or give it to someone who will care for it. You definately deserve to be punished. How about no food for you for at least a week.

  3. This poor lit’l puppie…I just can’t imagine anyone doing this to a living thing..!!!!!
    Who did this.???..Are they going to have to pay the price for doing this???
    More than likely NO…until we abuse these people publicly …they will continue to do SHIT like this!! We must do better…bring them in and WE THE PEOPLE WILL DO THE REST>>>>>> ..(( then advertise what we do to people of low life!!!))

    WE MUST MAKE THEM SUFFER>>>>yes, really suffer…
    Stretch them to a wire..in the hot sun…let them cry in pain..for a very very long time….

  4. How does one go about adopting this little girl?

    Whom do I contact to provide the loving home she needs and deserves?

  5. It would be nice if you could include in the story the address where she was found. A lot of people might like to let the person who did this to her how they feel.


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