Abandoned Puppy Recovering and Capturing Hearts of Thousands

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Photo Credit: go_nellie_go Instagram

Found abandoned on a Sacramento sidewalk in September, a Chihuahua puppy is well on her way to recovery and capturing the hearts of thousands on Instagram.

Nellie was brought into the Sacramento SPCA in September after being abandoned. She was only a few weeks old and weighed 13 oz.

“She couldn’t walk,” said Sarah Varanini, foster care coordinator for the Sacramento SPCA. “She was only three weeks old and we don’t know if she was dumped or how she came to be there.”

Nellie was so small and young it wasn’t safe for her to stay at the shelter so Varanini began fostering her. Nellie had to be bottle-fed and nursed the small puppy back to health.

Nellie has since grown to be almost 2 pounds. The shelter would like her to reach the 2 pound mark and be at least six months old before she is adopted.

When that time comes it is likely that many people will be waiting to adopt her. The Sacramento SPCA has been posting photos of the adorable puppy as she recovers on Instagram and Nellie has quickly gained well over 1,000 followers.


To find out more about Nellie visit the Sacramento SPCA’s website and be sure to check out her Instagram.


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  1. What a beautiful story.Who could just leave this poor puppy on the street. When I moved from Pittsburgh to Butler Pa. There are woods all around my house in the spring I noticed there where cats running around the yard then I started to see kittens & I started to feed them it took awhile for them to come on the porch but once they got use to me & My family they were there every day. I fell in love with them & they began to trust me & finally we were able to pet them. My family became very close with them I named them all & when we would call them they would come.These cats were beautiful they had 6 toes they were awesome cats I don’t know we’re THEY are now but I’m sure they will be back in the spring with there young. It was amazing how they learned to trust me. I will never forget that feeling that they loved me back.Yes I am an animal love I would do any thing & every thing to help an animal out. Sorry so long. Christina Sciulli.


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