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Abby’s Wheels: Aussie Pup Walks for the first Time


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Photos via Eddie’s Wheels for Pets at Facebook


Abby’s First Steps – on Eddie’s Wheels

Abby, a 3 month old Aussie pup with with rear leg spasticity due to a spinal cord injury, walks for the first time in her life using an Eddie’s Wheels dog wheelchair.

A short video captures the moment as Abby scoots around on her new wheels for the first time. A second video shows her learning how to build her strength, carefully, in rehabilitative training on the doggie treadmill. It is hoped that Abby will eventually be able to walk on her own.

Abby, the Aussie pup, got her physical therapy session on the DogTread with Erika McElwey, of Calming her spasticity by gait training will make it possible for to eventually walk on her own as she grows to adulthood.


Standing up for the first time.


Working out on the DogTread, with mom being coached by Erika on how to gait-train her to use her rear legs.