Abused Dog Falls into Icy Pond and Gets Rescued

by Katherine

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Travis Wright from Letcher County, Ky., was destined to save the life of a white pit bull. The Good Samaritan happen to be driving when he saw the canine struggling for his life after falling through thin ice in a frozen pond.

The hero man immediately pulled over and jumped in to the pond, risking his own life, to save the dog.

“He would go down under the water,” Wright told WKYT News. “He went down three times before I got him. And every time he’d go down, he would be coming up spitting water out of his nose. As I was busting the ice up, I kept saying ‘Hold on buddy, I’m coming. Hold on, I’m coming.'”

Travis Wright and Lucky.
Travis Wright and Lucky.


The man was able to reach the pet in time. He pulled him out of the freezing water and took him to a nearby building where other people jumped into action to help save the four-legged friend in need.

“There was still water coming from [the dog’s] mouth when he came in. He was near drowning when Travis pulled him from the water,” Ernestine Kincer said.

Using blankets, the animal lovers dried off the dog and rubbed his body trying to get blood circulating throughout its body.

The dog was named Lucky and while people tried to help warm up the hypothermic dog, Wright realized the canine had been abused. The shaking dog was seriously underweight and had a serious wound on one of his hind legs.

Despite it all, Lucky survived and he is now on the road to a happier, better life.

Wright believes he was meant to save the dog. He decided to keep him as his own pet.

“I just feel like it’s meant to be for me and him to be together,” Wright said.