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Daufuskie Island Firefighter Adopts Abandoned Dog He Helped Rescue

by Katherine

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In Daufuskie Island, a malnourished, stray female hound was first seen roaming the island at the beginning of the year. Many residents, including Daufuskie Island Fire District firefighters, tried rescuing her, but the island-smart dog successfully avoided all capture attempts the locals initiated.

The hound, now named Daisy, was finally caught mid this month, and her life will dramatically change because she will go from a hungry scavenger to spoiled pet.

Daisy after being rescued.
Daisy after being rescued.


When the dog was first spotted, many residents offered her yummy foods and tried coaxing her to an enclosed area where capturing her would be possible, but the elusive dog never fell for any tricks.

It wasn’t until the canine traveled about 1.5 miles from the fire station to a fenced field in Haig Point, that her rescue took place.

It took 30 minutes to safely catch her. Daisy tired herself out from running and jumping all over the field, and once she had no more energy left, she allowed a firefighter to come close, pet her and secure a leash over her head.

The malnourished pet was taken to a veterinarian and treated for parasites and ear infections.

Fire Chief Eddie Boys thought about keeping Daisy as the fire station’s pet, but keeping her at the fire house will be too risky since she could easily run away.

One of the firefighters who helped rescue the elusive dog has offered to adopt her and give her a loving home. Once she is fully recovered and ready to go home she will join the firefighter and start her new life as a loved house pet.

“She’s not going to hunt anymore or live in a cage,” Boys told The State. “She’s going to have it made in the shade.”