Abused Dog Rescued, Recovering and Looking for a Home

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11.29.13 - Chemically Burned Dog Needs Home1

A badly abused dog, burned with chemicals and shot with BBs, is recovering after being taken in by Colorado animal rescues. Now Henry could use a home so he can learn what it means to be loved.

Henry had been so badly abused by his former owner that he finally ran away from his Clovis, New Mexico home. He had been burned numerous times on the face, legs and genital area, as well as shot in the chest with BBs.

He was taken in by Shooke Unleashed Animal Rescue, who treated him for his injuries. This week he was transferred to the Denkai Animal Sanctuary for additional treatment.

11.29.13 - Chemically Burned Dog Needs Home2

He wants to be loved on and will walk up to you, then close his eyes and brace himself, just hoping for a gentle touch,” said Cady McClure, Dog Program Coordinator at DAS. “He was burned so bad his eyes were swollen shut. He can see now just fine, and is healing up, still lots of healing to do but doing well.”

Now he is ready to be adopted by someone who can show him what family and love are supposed to be, and spoil him til the end of his days.

If you would like to adopt him, please click here or call 970-454-3353. He is currently in Grover, about 100 miles northeast of Denver.

If you would like to donate toward his care, please click here.

11.29.13 - Chemically Burned Dog Needs Home3


29 thoughts on “Abused Dog Rescued, Recovering and Looking for a Home”

  1. Whoever did this beware-there is such a thing as karma and I hope it soon catches up with you. Nothing gives you the right to do this to a poor defenseless animal. Thankfully his days of suffering are over and he will soon find the loving home he so greatly deserves. It is amazing that animals can still trust humans and look to them for love after something like this happens. There is no excuse for this- any unwanted dog can be given up to a rescue organization who will find that dog a loving home.

  2. Please tell me that whoever did this had, or is going to have, the living shit beat out of them before they are buried in a hole where they belong!

  3. If I could find this person I would probably be writing my next comment from San Quintin. I hope this dog finds a good home. I will pray for his recovery. As for the abuser, I would watch your back, that karma everyone is talking about sometimes carries something like a BB gun with a little more punch! Pets=Love

  4. Juana Victoria Callangan Saguid you are a DISGUSTING human being. You obviously need professional help and should be put somewhere where you can’t contact outside world. Clearly you have no soul. The world would be better off without you


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