Abused Girls Bond at Shelter, Need a Home Together

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12.10.14 - Bonded Gals Need a Home


From Forgotten Dog Rescue in South Florida:

We need your help, guys! Punkin and Patches love each other so much, it would be heartbreaking to separate them. Both victims of neglect and cruelty, they found comfort in each other and became best buds. They love other dogs, too! There has to be a perfect home that could welcome these two sweet babies in. Please help us find it! Both ladies are around 7 months old and just under 30 pounds.  Let’s find them a home for the holidays!


12.10.14 - Bonded Gals Need a Home5



12.10.14 - Bonded Gals Need a Home2


These two lovely boys also need homes for the holidays.  They are currently living in kennels, and would really love to enjoy warm, cozy beds and being part of families.


12.10.14 - Bonded Gals Need a Home6



If you would like to adopt or foster, please CLICK HERE.


If you’re planning to shop at Best Buy, Gap, Overstock, Nordstrom, Amazon, or a number of other sites, CLICK HERE first.  By signing up with iGive.com, you can support Forgotten Dog Rescue just by shopping. You can also pick a different cause to help.



52 thoughts on “Abused Girls Bond at Shelter, Need a Home Together”

  1. Oh my goodness!! Look at these precious souls! Love and prayers that they find a home very soon. Lots of love from Northern CA. ❤️

  2. Very unusual for two non-related female dogs to bond with each other. They must have gone through a lot before meeting.

    • Our poodle is now 13 years old. We adopted her as a 4 month old puppy, and she was very shy of men since she had been outside the end of the warm summer in a (clean) dog pen with her mama and litter mates. I think at that early time of her life she had only been loved by women. My friend let me hold her and she gave me the lovey ‘moan’. I took her home and gave her to my 4 year old mama cat, Chancey; and immediately Chancey started to kiss, Lick her all over & groom her. (this was Chancey’s 2nd puppy I gave her to love in 2 years). Our sweet puppy Maggie Peaches Pie…. went nuts over the loving and they even today are still ‘mama and daughter’. Maggie each morning will run up to Mama and nibble on her whiskers while shaking her butt. The years were awesome. The only thing I had to watch was Chancey, mama cat; occasionally would try to give her puppy a mouse to eat! But Maggie thrived with this extra love. It took her about 2 months to adjust to knowing my husband, (that man!) but he was gentle & today they are best buddies.


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