Abuser Sought in Case of Starved PA Pit Bull

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Dumped in a city park, a starved female pit bull is recovering in the care of the York County SPCA, and authorities are asking for the public’s help in identifying those responsible for her abuse.

At a mere 27 pounds, the severely emaciated dog, nicknamed ‘Ava’ by her caretakers, could barely walk when she arrived at the SPCA on Tuesday. Thanks to a liberal helping of TLC from shelter workers she is expected to bounce back, if slowly. Recovering from dehydration and covered in sores, the spirited survivor is already melting the hearts of all who meet her.

“Although we do see these things often, a dog in her condition is a little bit more rare, and it always breaks our hearts. It always shocks us how cold people can be and the things that they will do,” said SPCA Executive Director Melissa Smith.

Contact sores indicate intentional starvation. Smith said Ava was likely crated for a long period of time without access to food and water, and dumped at York’s Bantz Park on the verge of death.

“This dog was so near death and, honestly, she still is,” Smith said. “I was really worried about her. She was just so listless. But yesterday morning, she was sitting up, bright and alert, wagging her tail and happy to see us.”

In only two days Ava has started to gain some weight, and those caring for her say she is a total people lover. “She has very telling eyes,” Smith says. “Yesterday I saw fear and anguish, but today I saw a little glimmer of hope — and of recognition. There was a tail wag, and she was as happy to see us today as we were to see her.”

Ava was found at Bantz Park in York, PA., and anyone with information regarding her case is encouraged to contact the York County SPCA by calling 717-764-6109.

4 thoughts on “Abuser Sought in Case of Starved PA Pit Bull”

  1. the picture of this dog is so hard to look at. thank goodness she is in the hands of people who care for her. this should have never happened. if people do not want an animal, they should release them to their local animal shelter. I hope this dog makes a good recovery.

  2. after seeing the Pupdate on Patrick I know that AVA can make it. With the right help and love she can make a full recovery.

  3. Wow..poor sweetheart…can’t believe there are so many sick people with no feelings for animals….this person that did this needs to be slid down a chipper shredder…and very slowley…i have 4 dogs… two were drop offs that were starving and one came from a neighbor and never left… and one of them was severly abused by a neighbor next door and was going to be shot by them…i took him home and is a great friend …we need tough laws to put on people that torture and starve animals…sick people


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