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Reader Rescues: Dog Helping Dog


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Today’s fan feature is a rescue of a different nature, and is a touching example of the compassion and caring that unites us as dog lovers.  [divider]

This afternoon a man in a military uniform knocked on my door asking for help. It is not everyday a man in uniform ( Brazilian Army) asks you for help. He had a very sad face.

I knew something was wrong. So I asked “What can I do for you.” He replied: “My 5 month old Great Dane pup is at the animal hospital. He is in need a transfusion to have any chance to live. I was wondering if you and your dog could help us.” Without a second thought I told him that I would meet him at the animal hospital, which is 4 blocks away from my house.

I ran back in the house, changed my clothes, put Jake on his leash and off we went. After confirming that Jake’s blood was a match with the puppy’s blood type Jake donated a liter.

jake at the vet

We don’t know yet if the puppy will be alright, but what made my heart fill with love was the moment when the soldier, who just introduced himself as ‘Rodrigo’ as I left, said, “Thank you for all your help. We never met before and yet you stopped everything you were doing to help me. If there were more people in the world like you I would not have the need to wear this uniform.”

-Fred Giron