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Adoptable! Lio is your Catahoula “catch of the day!”

by Amy Drew

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Hey, Catahoula fans — feast your eyes on Lio!

He’s looking for his fur-ever home!

Lio needs someone who has a strong passion for dogs and is patient. His fosters say he’s proven that he can be a great family member!

Lio is a super smart, athletic (lace up those Ree-bark sneakers!), and charismatic Catahoula dog. See above and below for “proof of handsome.” And, of course, he’s so ready for ADOPTION!


Here are what the folks who know and love him say are Lio’s “Life Rules:”

1) You be my confident, committed leader in life, and I’ll in turn show you my best smile and signature adorable scoopy tail wag. Basically, I’ll love you.

2) Please, give me space when I eat (because you, dear human, know at least one person who will try to snag a fry from your plate — not fun!)

3) Provide me with a solid routine! I crave structure, much like I crave the treats I get for ALL the commands I know.

4) Got cats? Fine with me! I even lived in a foster home with a special-needs adult cat. If you have another dog, have us meet first because, see, when it comes to playtime, I like interacting with humans over dogs. Just my preference. I might obsess at first over food and toys, but resource guarding isn’t the biggest concern. The hard part is that I want all of your time and attention and don’t want to share my human!

Thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, the nice people at Pawmetto Lifeline in Columbia, SC, have been able to take great care of me, but I really want a home to call my own.

Speak with one of my advocates today at 803-465-9170 or email [email protected]!