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This runaway pup survived on the street for three years before being reunited with her family.

by Amy Drew

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Ginger went missing in August of 2015 in Burlington, IA, six hours plus from her home in the town of Ucross, WY.

She was Jennifer George’s dog, by way of her mom, who had passed away four months earlier.

The family was in town because George’s husband, BJ, was on a business trip. They’d decided to bring Ginger along rather than board her and the unthinkable happened. She broke away in the neighborhood where they’d been renting a house and disappeared.

George stayed behind for several days, looking. She posted online. But nothing ever came of the search. They didn’t know what happened to Ginger.

Fast-forward three years and Kandi Glick of the Des Moines County Regional Humane Society begins getting calls on a loose pup. The dog was elusive, but eventually, a trap baited with hot dogs did the trick. Glick captured the pup. What followed was a remarkable reunion….