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Adopted Dog Runs Away to Return to Shelter


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In a tale with an ironic twist, a dog in Albuquerque, NM was adopted shortly before she was scheduled to be euthanized, and ran away just minutes after she arrived at her new home. The Mayerhofer family adopted Gigi, and say they were flabbergasted when she jumped a fence in the back yard of their northeast neighborhood home and vanished for days.

“We go inside and we’re watching through the blinds and she jumps over our five and a half foot fence,” said Jordyn¬†Mayerhofer. The family scoured the neighborhood relentlessly but could not find any sign of her. They assumed the worst.

In fact, Gigi was fine – and found herself in very familiar surroundings after wandering five miles from her new home. Incredulous volunteers found her sitting in the lobby of her old shelter.

“We’re thinking the shelter must be a pretty nice shelter if our dogs are coming back to it,” said Beth Lotosky, a volunteer, “Although we certainly encourage them to stay in their home.”

The Mayerhofer’s plan to encourage Gigi to stay in her home by having her seen by a behaviorist in order to help her feel safe and comfortable in her new surroundings. But should she go missing again, their search for her will start where this one ended – in the lobby of their local shelter.