Adopter Returns Dog Lost in Tornado to Young Girl

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12.18.13 - Adopter Returns Tornado Dog1

Ten-year-old Madison Pritchard will likely be having the best Christmas ever, thanks to a kind-hearted woman who was touched by the family’s pleas to have Rosco returned after he went missing during the tornado outbreak in Indiana last month.

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“When they told me, I thought they were kidding,” Madison said. “It’s awesome. Actually, it’s the best day in the world.”

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Three-year-old Rosco was torn from his Mellott, Indiana home when a tornado touched down last month. He ended up at a Clinton County animal shelter, and was soon adopted.

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When Rosco’s new owner found out that he already had a home, she was reluctant to give him back. She had bonded and fallen in love with the playful boy, and didn’t want to have to give him up.

12.18.13 - Adopter Returns Tornado Dog4

But the pleas of Kyla Robinson, Madison’s mother, were too endearing to say no to. Rosco was sent home and reunited with his overjoyed family.

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“We never had the chance to speak to (the new owner) face to face,” Kyla said. “We just want to thank her … thank you so much for helping us put our family back together.”

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  1. A very generous and loving thing for the adopter to do. I know she will go rescue another dog from that shelter and love that dog as much as she loved Rosco.


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