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Barney: Mending 3.5 Pounds of Pure Love

by Katherine

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Barney, a 4-months-old sweet dog came into Wright Way Rescue the same way many discarded pets do. He was abandoned to his own death on the side of the road. Based on his visible injuries – dirty body, cuts and scrapes – shelter staff believes the 3 1/2 lbs. Chihuahua was either hit by a car or thrown from a moving vehicle.

Barney needs your help! Photo Credit:  is open to out of state adoptions as long as interested parties are willing to travel to meet and pick
Barney needs your help! Photo Credit: is open to out of state adoptions as long as interested parties are willing to travel to meet and pick

About a month ago, the affectionate pup was found by a member of Wright-Way Rescue Admissions and Care Center located in Murphysboro, Ill. Barney was picked up, admitted and treated for his visible injuries.

“The staff has fallen in love with him,” said Christy Anderson, executive director and founder of Wright Way Rescue. “[Barney] just wants to be held.”

What the staff didn’t know was that Barney had an underlining condition from the accident. It was only discovered recently.

“A few days ago [Barney] lost the use of his legs,” said Anderson.

The young pup was rushed and veterinarians performed different tests on him. An MRI revealed Barney had a broken neck and needed emergency surgery.

On Dec. 17, 2013, the surgery was performed and Barney’s rescuers along his doctors hope the surgery will be a success.

“The MRI showed exactly where the injury was. His spinal chord was compressed and two vertebrates on [Barney’s] neck were fused together,” said Anderson. “The specialist had never performed the surgery on such a tiny dog, but he is optimistic on the results.”

The fusion was done on a small portion of Barney’s neck. The area was as large as the surgeon’s pink.

“Barney died during the surgery but fortunately the surgeon was able to revive him,” said Anderson.

The vertebrates were restricting the area that controls his breathing. Barney did not stand up after the surgery was over, but that is normal.

Today he woke up and is doing great.

“He is walking and giving kisses like his usual self,” was posted on  Wright Way Rescue’s Facebook page. “After his check-up this morning, he will be headed to his foster home for his long road to recovery.”

Wright Way Rescue is reaching out to the community to help pay for Barney’s medical costs. It is estimated his surgery and recovery plan will cost a total of $4,000. The organization has been able to raise $900 so far, but more is needed.

Photo Credit: Wright Way Rescue
Photo Credit: Wright Way Rescue

As you know Wright Way Rescue recently lost its headquarters in Chicago when a school bus lost control and crashed into their building. They are temporarily working from a building space in Niles, Ill., and they hope to move to their new facility located at 5915 Lincoln Ave. in Morton Grove, Ill., by April, 2014.

Read “School Bus Crashes into Animal Shelter Leaving Pets Homeless” to learn more.

The total cost of the new building is $1.5 million, and the organization hopes to raise enough funds to cover whatever portion their financial loan will not cover.

For now, Barney is on his way to recovery. If all goes well he will be available for adoption in a few months.

“We are still not sure how much damage was done to his legs but we are optimistic the surgery went well and we don’t expect he’ll need any more surgeries,” said Anderson. “Barney is a young dog and we hope he will grow properly [after the vertebrate fusion.”

You can help Barney recover by making an online donation here. You can also visit Wright Way Rescue’s website and make a donation on their overall donation page. On the notes section, you can specify if you want your donation to go towards Barney, another dog, or towards Wright Way Rescue’s new building cost.

Wright Way Rescue is open to out of state adoptions as long as interested parties are willing to travel to meet and pick up the pet.

Let’s help Barney get back on all four legs!