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Adorable and Adoptable! Is Pert & Pretty Ms. Patty Your Perfect Pet?

by Amy Drew

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patty combo
This lovely terrier mix is available through the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. She’s so cute!


Pretty little Patty is going to be someone’s perfect pet!

Thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, this 10-year-old rat terrier mix is available for the “Better With Age” adoption fee of only $60 from the kind folks at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.



Read on for a little more about this cute, little pupper…!

BIG FAN OF: Being near her people. She’s not necessarily a lap dog, but she does love to hang out with you as much as possible. She’s a very sweet and friendly girl.

NOT A FAN OF: Loud noises, including thunder and fireworks. She is also not fond of cats or sharing her living space with other dogs, so she needs a home without them.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Patty is a great mix of busy and chill. She is energetic for an older dog but after some exercise she’s happy to relax with you. She loves walks, exploring, soft beds and food. She does great on a leash. She’ll be a sweet, fun friend for a lucky family!

OTHER REASONS SHE’S SPECIAL: Patty has a heart murmur, which may require medications, extra vet visits and additional diagnostics throughout her life. She has also been identified as having abnormally dilute urine, meaning she will need to go to the bathroom more often than the average dog. We have run tests but are unable to determine a cause. More info is on her kennel, and we’d encourage you to consult your veterinarian prior to adoption.

DREAM HOME: A relaxed place with a family who will take her on regular walks and enjoy spending time with her.