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Dog’s Cancer Turned Out To Be Teddy Bears

by Amy Drew

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Maisy stole the teddy bears from the family Chihuahuas. She is doing fine post-surgery. Photos: Paragon Veterinary Referrals


Maisy’s owner was fearful when her CT scan showed an unusually full tummy and a mass on her spleen that the vet said might be cancer.

The 8-year-old St. Bernard was scheduled for surgery. Her spleen was to be removed. But then Nick Blackburn, who practices at Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield, England, found the culprit: four teddy bears lodged in Maisy’s stomach.

“This was not something we were expecting to find,” the vet told the BBC. “We all know certain dogs enjoy chewing things they shouldn’t but managing to devour four full teddy bears is quite a feat.”

Maisy’s owner, Jane Dickinson, told reporters that Maisy pilfered the toys from the family’s Chihuahuas. Her eating habits up until the “diagnosis” had been normal, Dickinson relayed. She was as surprised by the find as the doctors.

She has since made a full recovery and shows no sign of cancer.

“She is loving life now,” Dickinson said. “It’s like she’s got her youth back.”