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Adorable Musical Duo: Street Musician Adopts Stray Dog

by Katherine

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In Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Sergei Ivanovich, an elder street musician took off on his daily tasks to play well known songs outside the pharmacy located on the European square and St. Glinka. Not long after he started playing, a street dog came to him and started “singing” while the man played his musical instrument.

Glinga and Sergei Ivanovich perform unusual musical duo.
Glinga and Sergei Ivanovich perform unusual musical duo.

Ivanovich plays music on the street to collect money to buy food. On this day, spectators were moved by the four-legged singer and decided to be a lot more giving with their donations.

According to SDP News, Ivanovich went home alone that day, but the next morning the canine soloist joined the musician once again on the musical duo. Ivanovich realizing the dog not only was bringing him good luck, but the pet also needed a home, decided to adopt the pet. He named the dog “Glinka.”

However, a conflicting report posted on YouTube (where you can see the video of the unusual musical duo) says Glinka did go home with Ivanovich but that same night the stray took off after a female dog Ivanovich calls Glinka’s girlfiend.

We hope Glinka returns to Ivanovich or finds a loving home. Glinka has a lot of talent and deserves love and a safe place to call home, just like all other street dogs in the world.