Adorable Photos of Dog and Baby Take Internet by Storm!

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4.2.16 - BabyDog1


Some friendships are very special.  They last a lifetime, and can create a bond that nothing can break.  That’s EXACTLY what we have here, with Nora, and her new little human sibling!  Elizabeth Spence, the baby’s mom, shared these incredible photos that are guaranteed to melt your heart.


4.2.16 - BabyDog2


The photos that she’s posted so far have gone viral, and there are even a few videos of Nora as well.  Nora is so happy to have someone to “dog” with, and clearly is in love with her baby brother.  They even have matching stuffed animals!


4.2.16 - BabyDog3


“I imagine I should be using this opportunity to get that mountain of laundry dealt with (you know the one!), but instead I’m sitting in bed drinking tea and watching these two get their afternoon nap on,” said Elizabeth.  “I seriously can’t get enough of them and the strong connection they’ve made in such a short period of time!”


4.2.16 - BabyDog4


Elizabeth said that they got Nora as a rescue dog.  She came from an abusive background, but to see her interact with her humans, you wouldn’t really know.  She’s described as a sweet and loving dog.  And all things considered, she’s very happy with the way things have turned out for her.


4.2.16 - BabyDog5


“I have to admit that I never thought I’d live this long, let alone get to sit here sipping on a mug of tea, staring at these three beauties all day!  I may not have the palatial mansion I’ve always wanted, nor the pool or fancy car.  I may not get to jet-set around the globe at a moment’s notice or buy myself lots of fancy clothes, but if you ask me, right here right now I’ve got absolutely EVERYTHING.”


4.2.16 - BabyDog7


We tend to agree with that statement.  She really does have it all!


4.2.16 - BabyDog9