Advice Seeker: Girlfriend Not Happy Sleeping on Floor

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Don’t miss this hilarious advice column submission – we wouldn’t be surprised if it made the Leno show.

A reader submitted the following question to the DesMoines Register.

QUESTION: I go fishing a lot on weekends with my dog in a little trailer with a bed that I sleep in. My girlfriend has asked if she can come with, but I explained to her that the dog sleeps with me so she would have to sleep on the floor in the trailer or in my truck. She is not happy about this, and now will barely speak to me. What do you think?

We think that’s pretty damn funny. The advice columnist disagrees. See her reply here, and tell us, please – what would your advice be?

14 thoughts on “Advice Seeker: Girlfriend Not Happy Sleeping on Floor”

  1. The woman has not been invited; she has asked to tag along on a fishing weekend that is a getaway shared by man and dog. She should take the hint.
    Since she is offended and barely speaking to the man now, he should consider what life will be like if he continues with her.

    I say, keep the dog, ditch the girl.

    • I agree with the previous message, if she pouts now, it will only get worse. If she was invited it would be different. But this is a weekend away for just the guy and his dog and she should find other things they can do together if she values the relationship. She does not seem to value it, henceforth the pouting and not talking. If it should get any closer she may insist on him giving up the dog altogether in her jealousy, so if I were him, I would find someone who respects my right to time alone and privacy whenever I want it

  2. If the girlfriend is “worth keeping” (i.e., not whiny, sulky or pouty), the guy needs to get a bigger camp trailer with a bigger bed so all can share. She needs to understand that dog+boy came first and she’s the intruder and if she is a dog lover she will understand. If she isn’t a dog lover she needs to catch a clue and take a powder.

    If they were REALLY camping and not just play-camping with a trailer, all of them would be sleeping on the ground in a tent, anyway. Speaks a diehard backcountry traveller from the wilds of Oregon and Idaho!!!

  3. First I would take my own girl dogs and sleep in my very big nice clean girl truck and leave the little man-trailer alone, merely stepping in could definitely cause me to clean it before sleeping in it, if the usual MO is evident. And personally I like the “not invited” comment, some women would pay a guy to leave for a weekend with his dog, why so clingy? (raises hand) 🙂

  4. Brynn speaking of trucks (and my own tricked-out 1T dually is named “Earline”) here’s a great bumper sticker for girl-trucks. I wish I invented it, I’d market the heck out of it and donate the money to animal rescue: “Yes I’m a woman, yes it’s my truck, yes I paid for it myself, no you can’t borrow it.”

    Agreed – sleep in a man-trailer? aka, a man-cave on wheels??? Shudder. Ewww. NO thanks!!!

  5. I say give and take – the girl can come along every once in a while and leave doggy at home (in the care of someone else) Dude – No woman wants to be treated with that much disrespect! Making her sleep on the floor while poochie gets part of the bed – talk about a relationship waiting to break up. That being said – give and take. Girl comes along sometimes and poochie stays at home… other times dog comes and girlfriend stays at home.

    If girl wants to go away with her friends – the guy has no right to complain!

  6. Ditch the chick – she’s more trouble than she worth, she doesn’t get it and will only be happy when she’s taken over the whole weekend and changed it to be what she wants – the dog will be there no matter what might come the chick not so much.

  7. The girlfriend asked to go on the trip, she wasn’t invited. That said, the boyfriend alludes to the fact that these weekend fishing trips occur quite often. The girlfriend is wanting some weekend time with her boyfriend and she is showing interest in his activity. This is good for a relationship! He should meet her halfway at least and make this a special weekend. The dog can go, but the girlfriend gets the bed! He hasn’t said she wants to go every time he goes fishing, he only addresses this first outing. It would be good for their relationship for them to go fishing together periodically. Personally, I think he’s looking for a reason to dump her or to force her to dump him. Otherwise, he’d be wanting her in his bed after a day of fishing! I say they break it off now so they can both find the right person.


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