Emotional Reunion for Lost Dog and Owner

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We cover many ‘lost dog found’ stories, but it’s not often that moments like these are captured on camera.

Windy went missing just before Christmas of last year when Sarah Carroll’s son accidentally left a door open. Carroll said after months passed with no sign of her dog, she believed Windy was likely struck by a car or snatched to be used as a bait dog for a local fighting ring.

When Carroll’s phone rang on September 30th, she had a hard time believing what she heard: Garland Animal Services had Windy, and had identified her via her microchip. Plans were made for a reunion, and cameras were rolling when the two first saw one another after more than nine months apart.

7 thoughts on “Emotional Reunion for Lost Dog and Owner”

  1. Thanks for the good news. That little dog looked so happy to be reunited with the owner. I am glad all turned out well and I hope that the family will be careful in the future not to let her get lost again.

  2. Wonderful story with a happy ending. This is why all pets should be microchipped…even if it is an indoor pet. Too bad Windy can’t tell us where she has been for the last nine months!

  3. HUGS & BLESSINGS xoxoxoxo- where was Windy for 9 months? Why did it take so long for her to get reunited with her family?

    In the end she is HOME! Blessings xoxoxo


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