Advocates Urge pet Owners to Bring Pets Indoors during Extreme Cold

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Animal rights activists in Philadelphia are pushing for legislation that would land a pet owner a hefty fine for keeping dogs and other pets outside when a Code Blue is in effect.  The Code Blue is in effect when outdoor temperatures drop to 20 degrees or below.

The new city ordinance would give a $500 fine for failing to bring your inside.  It also has its own taskforce to enforce the ordinance called ACCT Philly, and so far, they have made 16 visits to homes not in compliance with these conditions.

“We want to make sure every owner is aware of their obligations to protect their pet and so we are going to talk to each owner about each individual case,” Said Susan Cosby of ACCT Philly.

George Bengal said, “Keep your pets inside. In this subzero weather these animals can only stand so much.”

Bengal has taken things one step further by obtaining the materials to be able to keep his dogs in a heated trailer.  This ensures both the comfort and the well-being of his dogs.

“Just went out and bought a brand new heater. I got there gigantic comforters. And we have a shelter in the back,” said Bengal.

This new city ordinance would supersedes existing state animal laws.  It would be enforced by the ASPCA, which is better than what ACCT Philly can do as they don’t have the right to seize pets left out in the cold.

The law has been backed by Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.  Councilman Johnson is himself a big animal rights activist and has dogs as members of his family.

“It’s very important that we advocate for our pets and also make sure we have laws on the books that will protect them and we will continue advocating for them,” said Johnson.

116 thoughts on “Advocates Urge pet Owners to Bring Pets Indoors during Extreme Cold”

  1. Are there really that many people out there lacking common sense?? If you aren’t responsible, then please don’t be a pet owner.

    • my neighbor left their puppy/young adult dog outside in 5 deg with -9 windchill. She has a dog house but no bedding in it. I contacted animal control to check on the pup and to urge the owners to bring it inside. Nope, poor dog left out with frozen water for days. They never come out and pay any attention to the dog. I’m livid to say the least but legally my hands are tied. In response to my concerns for the dogs welfare the owners slapped up a privacy fence the very next day. Now I can’t even see the dog or give it the milkbones thru the fence. Bast**ds. So yes there are tons of stupid people and they drive cars too. Scary!

  2. It is sad that you have to tell folks to keep their animals warm. How would they like to be outside when it is this cold all night long.

  3. Before the last storm hit the east coast the mayor of Philadelphia PA announced that anyone who left their pets outside in the snow would be charged with animal abuse.

  4. Phyllis Seager, you are not totally right there. Animals should live where they are filling them comfortable. For most forms of dogs it’s about 5-20 celsius. But extreme cold or hot conditions are the same type of torture.

  5. As a pet owner you shouldn’t have to be told how to care for your pets…. If it’s too cold or hot for you and your children so it is for your pets…..


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