After 10 Years in Boarding, Unwanted Dog FINALLY Has a Home!

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1.6.15 - Dog Who Spent 10 Years in Boarding Finally Adopted1


Over 10 years ago, Tine P.’s family abandoned her, and she spent the next decade living in a Charlotte, North Carolina kennel.  Despite having her own Facebook page, no one ever stepped up to adopt her.  But her days of sadness are over, because at long last she has a place to call home!

After years in boarding, the kennel reached out to the American Pit Bull Foundation to help find Tina P. (Tina the Pibble) a home.  Her own Facebook page was started, garnering nearly 8,000 likes, and though she was fostered, no permanent home for Tina could be found.


1.6.15 - Dog Who Spent 10 Years in Boarding Finally Adopted2


But some small miracle happened just before Christmas – a woman named Laiza adopted her!  Tina’s foster mom spent Christmas Eve on their final road trip, allowing her to say goodbye as she drove her to her new home.

Tina seems to be settling in very well, and Laiza looks to be very caring, providing her pup with cushy new digs.  She gave fans an update the day after Tina’s arrival:


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“Christmas. It’s nearly over but what a happy Christmas it was! Tina’s new mommy here. It’s been an exciting last few days and most especially in the last 24+ hours.

“So thankful to her first mommy, Jennifer McAllister Hunt and her hubby, Matt, for making the drive from North Carolina. So thankful for all that Jennifer & Co., and the American Pit Bull Foundation have done. After 10 years at Granbar Kennels, Tina is home, forever.”


1.6.15 - Dog Who Spent 10 Years in Boarding Finally Adopted3


107 thoughts on “After 10 Years in Boarding, Unwanted Dog FINALLY Has a Home!”

    • Many times the workers in kennel, rescue center, etc LIKE the dog and don’t actively even advertise the dog needs a home until something changes and they need to move the dog. THEN the story goes out that the dog has been there ‘x’ number of years. In my Facebook yesterday there was 2 dogs who were together and had been at the rescue center as pets for over 2 years. NOW they need to find them homes. Trust me, if these wonderful dogs were put up for adoption they would have found a home.

      • This poor puppy Tina looks exhausted and sad. I wish there was a picture of her smiling. Looks like she just sleeps. Sad & tired. I hope she recovers from her depression. My sister in Florida adopted a dog who had been in the kennel for almost SEVEN YEARS. He is a handsome, intelligent medium sized mutt; a poodle mix that doesn’t shed much. It seems the rescue workers had taken a liking to him and were keeping him in the office during the day; but in the afternoon, the poor puppy had to go back outside to his cement & chain-link kennel. Day in & day out, in the blistering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. Can you picture it? Very selfish if you ask me. The owner of the rescue even gave my sister a hard time; she had to jump through hoops to get him. Why, if they really loved the dog, why didn’t they try harder to find him a good loving home? Next time I adopt a dog, I’m going to look for the oldest dog or the one who’s been in the longest.

      • Or, like my experience, which has been to contact a shelter, rescue, etc., about interest in an animal and get NO reply. Or, watch a potential pet profile, call, only to find out it has been adopted for quite some time. It would help frustration from possible adopters if these guys would respond and keep the profiles updated. I know good work is done, but come on now!


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