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After a Terrible Ordeal, Frankie Has a New Home and New Life


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Hikers expect to encounter many things out in the wilderness, but an abused and abandoned dog is not generally one of them.  When Frankie, as he is now known, was found he was tied to a tree and had been shot in the face and left to die.  Fortunately for him, he was rescued and after a long ordeal is happily living with a wonderful new family.

An organization called Scooter’s Pals in Grass Valley California, took on caring for Frankie from when he was found in October until he was healthy and ready to go to a forever home.  That day came, and now Frankie show no signs of of remembering what happened to him as he gleefully plays with the children in his new home.  Rescuer Susan Wallace says Frankie is thriving, adding “Frankie is trusting, loves life.”

Justice it seems, will also come for Frankie as the District Attorney’s office recently announced that felony animal abuse charges against Frankie’s former owner. “Those of us that deal with a lot of problems in rescue are really happy when we see the authorities take this seriously, and I think that’s a new trend,” said Wallace.

For more information about the organization that helped save Frankie, or to inquire about other animals that need help, go their website Scooter’s Pals.