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After a Year of Complaints Miami Businessman Agrees To Take Dog Off Of Roof


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Public pressure and a Facebook based awareness campaign have contributed to a Miami business owner’s decision to no longer keep a dog quartered on the roof of the building. The owner of G&G Produce on NW 13th Ave agreed on Friday to remove the American bulldog named Burro from his watchdog position atop the building housing the business.

Miami-Dade Animal Services says it is not against the law for the dog to be kept stranded on the rooftop with a small shelter for his comfort. Public scrutiny of the situation has, however, led the city to ask that an illegal barbed wire fence protecting the roof be removed. Once the fence is gone the dog would be prevented from staying on the roof.

The city has received complaints about the dog’s predicament since June of 2011. Amy Roman, president of “100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglade has publicized the matter on her Facebook page of the same name since receiving photos of the dog on the roof taken by a metro rail rider in July. Amy has planned a protest for this upcoming Wednesday in front of the warehouse at 11 a.m. to demand that laws be enacted to protect animals from similar situations. “A law needs to be put in place that no animal will be allowed to live in these conditions,” she said “The dog is living on a roof. The water is not staying cool.”


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