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A Lucky Duck and a Dog


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lucky duckAt the Selby Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre , a rehab center for wounded animals, in North Yorkshire,  England, Annette Pyrah is surprised at the strange-but-delightful friendship between Skip, her pet terrier, and 50 Pence, the Mallard duck she rescued when it was just a one-day-old chick. Annette, founder of the center, raised the wild mallard, intending to return her to the wild.

However, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Most terrier owners will tell you that raising dogs and ducks together is a very bad idea. The terriers’ natural instinct is to fix themselves a meal of Peking Duck and duck pâté. Not Skip.  Skip puts up with 50 Pence with a grimace and a grin.

Skip’s tolerance for 50 Pence is nothing short of remarkable. 50 Pence, in Annette’s words, “…now thinks it is a dog and has taken up residence in my dogs’ pet bed. It also follows my two dogs around and pecks at their ears, which in itself is rather ‘peckarious’ as one dog is a mean little terrier. The female mallard also pecks at the door to come into the house and goes to sleep with the dogs. It seems to have fallen in love with Skip.”