After Reuniting Lost Guide Dog With Owner, Couple Continues Good Deeds

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Richard and Vernetta Fletcher fell in love with guide dogs when they helped reunite a lost guide dog with her blind owner.

When the Fletchers met Anka, a 5-year-old guide dog, she had been missing from her blind owners for days. The Fletchers helped reunite her with her owner and also fell in love with her. “Anka was such a sweet dog with a really sweet disposition,” said Richard Fletcher. “We fell in love with her and decided that we would like to be guide dog sitters.”

The Lone Star Guide Dog Raiser Club had helped with Anka’s search and soon the Fletchers were working with the organization as puppy sitters. “You get to interact with them [dogs] and once you have your fun you can send them home,” said Richard. “It would be like having grandchildren.” The Fletchers are glad to give back to the community.

The Lone Start Guide Dog Raiser Club is looking for more volunteers. Anyone interested can contact them at 949-637-9821.

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