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After Terrifying Car Crash, Dog Who Went Missing is Now Safe At Home


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Buddy fled the scene of the car crash and went missing. He was later found and reunited with his family.

One Denver couple is lucky to have walked away from a horrific car crush on Sunday. That’s not what’s phasing them! Instead, they’re overjoyed to have their dogs back home with them!

After getting in a terrifying car crash, two of their three dogs jumped out of the car. It wasn’t long before the dogs were out of sight and missing. Each dog ran in a different direction. To make matters worse, the owner stated she saw the dogs get hit by other cars.

“I pretty much broke down. That’s all I wanted was to find my dog,” said Mike Yoho.

A group of the couple’s friends banded together and searched throughout the night for the missing dogs. Even after putting up flyers around the neighborhood, the dogs still couldn’t be found.

Their luck quickly changed when they made a very surprising, but happy discovery!

“We were sitting by the computer and I was looking through and out loud said, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s Buddy’,” said Elizabeth Davey.

As it turns out, Buddy had run a mile away from the scene where he was picked up and dropped off at the Denver Animal shelter. Davey spotted pictures of Buddy online. The couple immediately went to retrieve him.

“He was really happy. He was peeing everywhere,” Yoho said.

Buddy was in good shape, even after the frightening ordeal.

“The pads of his paws are scraped off, which is pretty painful for him, but that’s it,” said Davey.

Buddy is a bit skittish around loud noises following the incident. They believe he will calm down as the stress of the incident wears off.

The couple’s third dog, Della, was also found in good condition. She had been picked up by a Denver firefighter and dropped off at a veterinarian’s office.