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Stolen Puppy Left For Dead in Suitcase Finally Reunited With Owners


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After being found stuffed in a suitcase, Scrappy has been reunited with his family.

After being left for dead in a suitcase inside a Fairbanks Dumpster earlier this month, life has finally returned to normal for one lucky pup!

Scrappy, a 4-month-old Labrador-pit bull mix was enjoying life as he knew it before the horrific incident. On Wednesday afternoon, he was busy playing with siblings Sativa, Brutus and Little One. He was energetic and playful, as he and one of his other siblings were play fighting with their bigger brother Brutus.

It is unknown how long poor Scrappy was left inside the suitcase, however, he spent more than a week in protective custody at a local animal shelter. Finally last Friday, Scrappy was returned home to his owners, Lyndsey Moeller and Austin Warnke. So far, Scrappy does not seem bothered or disturbed by the ordeal.

Moeller believes that Scrappy was stolen. She also thinks she may know who the suspect is, as the perpetrator had believed Moeller might have stolen something from them. Stealing Scrappy was their retaliation.

So far, no one has been charged or arrested in the kidnapping of Scrappy. Moeller is not publicly releasing any names of who she suspects took Scrappy until they are formally charged.

To protect Scrappy in the meantime, Moeller has moved to a different home.

The culprits responsible for stealing Scrappy had fatal intentions. One night while inspecting a private dumpster, Dennis Preslan happened to notice a blue suitcase that didn’t quite look right. After opening up the suitcase, Preslan found Scrappy inside, gagged with a bandana.

Preslan took Scrappy to the animal shelter. After hearing the news of a poor dog stuffed in a suitcase, Moeller and Warnke called the shelter and identified Scrappy as their own.

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These days, Scrappy is back to normal and playing around with his siblings.