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After three years man finds his missing dog


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It was almost three years ago that James Robinson’s bloodhound Waylon went missing. Robinson became so lonely without his best friend that he started going to a local shelter to visit another bloodhound named Daisy Mae. After filling out adoption papers for Daisy Mae he took a stroll through the shelter and was shocked when he spotted his long lost dog.

When Robinson’s bloodhound Waylon went missing nearly three years ago the 72-year-old retiree became very lonely. So he decided to start visiting the Community Animal Rescue and Adoption Animal Shelter in Jackson, Mississippi. They had a bloodhound there named Daisy Mae.

After Robinson finished filling out the paperwork to adopt Daisy Mae he took a walk through the shelter one more time. That’s when he spotted another bloodhound that started “yodeling” at him. Robinson knew immediately that he had found his long lost friend. “Waylon started yodeling, as I call it, like a bloodhound call and I stopped and I said I believe I know that dog.” The two started yodeling back and forth at each other.

Robinson is now happily reunited with his 10-year-old bloodhound Waylon. The people at the shelter are very happy for both Robinson and Waylon. “That makes it all worthwhile. That’s why we do it,” said Hollie McClelland, one of the handlers at the shelter.

Note: Daisy Mae is still in need of a good home. Anyone interested in adopting her should contact CARA at (601)-992-7575. Her petfinder profile can be found here.