Ailing Man Desperate to Find Foster Home for his Dog

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For Brent Witten his dog Magnum means the world. Unfortunately recent health problems have made it impractical for Witten to care for Magnum until he gets back on his feet. Now the Nampa, Idaho man and his family are looking for a foster home for Magnum so they don’t have to send him to the pound.

Back in December Witten was in a restaurant when he collapsed. Witten would spend weeks in the ICU on life support. Doctors aren’t sure if it was a seizure or a stroke, but Witten was left immobilized. Witten is doing better, but is confined in a wheelchair with limited mobility. His doctors believe it will take about eight months for Witten to regain his mobility.

Initially Witten’s ex-wife was caring for Magnum, but last month she passed away from cancer. In the interim Witten’s daughter, Laura, has been caring for Magnum. However, with the recent death of her mother, her father in rehab and several kids to look after she is unable to care for Magnum properly.

With all that the family has been through in the past months Magnum has been there for them. “He can sense when you are down,” said Laura. “He will come up to me when I am having a rough day and he will nudge me and try to cheer me up, almost like he is saying ‘I am here.’” Witten would be devastated if Magnum had to be sent to the pound so he’s hoping someone out there can foster his beloved dog until he is mobile again. “I am looking for someone to take care of him until I get back on my feet,” said Witten.

Magnum is a sweet dog, that loves kids and would do well with most families. If you can help contact KBOI2 news at 208-472-2224 and they will connect you with Laura Witten.

8 thoughts on “Ailing Man Desperate to Find Foster Home for his Dog”

  1. Praying you find a foster home and wishing I could help Magnum and you. Dogs are definitely man’s best friend.

  2. I’m in Pennsylvania sir, but have shared this info and hope someone in Idaho will be calling you soon to help!

  3. Oh, would love to help out but I’m way in PA too. We just lost our bl lab in Sept ’12, I sure miss my Buddy around the house.

  4. This wee boy shouldn’t have to leave his family and companion, surely a local person could come to their aid, a neighbor? a friend ? and walk him for them, put out his food & water etc ?

    Why should this family member have to travel half way across the states, like some of you are offering/suggesting ? He should stay where he is, with some support for this family unit, this would NOT be hard.

    I’m kind of shocked, that so many of you would advocate removing him from his family unit, he need support to STAY with his family, he doesn’t need the additional trauma of losing them.

  5. Writing comments here does no good. Speak with the family in Idaho or at the least, take it all to FB. The only people seeing this are the ones looking at this web page, if they look below the article.

  6. Brent found a beautiful home for magnum and is currentl living in Nampa, ID with his new owner Leticia for the past two years.


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