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AJ Is the Dashing Gentleman With a Goofy Personality You’ve Been Waiting For!

by Fred

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4.14.17 AJ AKA Scooby1


Happy Friday, loyal Life With Dogs readers!  The weekend is upon us, and we have a great LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day for you today.  He is called AJ, and he comes to us from our friends at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, out of New York City.  He’s a dashing young lad, and has a super silly personality.  His foster family says that he reminds them of Scooby Doo!

Let’s let Rescue Dogs Rock NYC introduce AJ:


4.14.17 AJ AKA Scooby2


AJ’s foster family call him Scooby!  Why?  Because with his beautiful coloring and looks, he reminds them of Scooby Doo!  AJ (Scooby) is a 2 year old dashing gentleman with a goofy personality. AJ is up to date on shots.

This is what AJ says:  “I love being outside and running and can run around in circles around the yard happy as a clam and then pass out right after for some rest on the couch.  I get along well with my two foster fur sisters, a grumpy 10 year-old Chihuahua mix and an energetic 2 year old Shepherd mix.  I am good with people as well, but can be a little unsure a first so it takes me a little time to warm up to you.  But once I do, in the next 5 minutes or so and with treats, we are friends for life.”


4.14.17 AJ AKA Scooby3


“I am a big boy and am sometimes unaware of my own strength so I might knock little kids over by accident.  I am great in the house and completely potty- and chew-trained, meaning I only chew on my toys and nothing else in the house.  I walk well on the leash and have been getting better and better working with my foster parents on not pulling on the leash when I see other dogs, by using the Gentle Leader.  I learn quickly and have learned commands such as sit, lie down, catch and shake in no time! Pretty impressive, right?”

“I am working hard on preparing all kinds of tricks and good behavior to impress my new forever family and I know once my new family meets me they will just fall in love with me.  I cannot wait to start our new life and adventure together!”

Click here to apply for me, AJ (AKA Scooby).  To see the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page, click here.