Alaska Airlines Covers Flight to California for Starving Dog’s Surgery

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Thor and Teresa Downing


A German Shepherd named Thor will soon be able to eat again after receiving a free flight to Sacramento to receive surgery from a special group of veterinarians.

Thor was discovered to be starving in November and was taken to Arctic Rescue in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He was badly injured, possibly beaten, and certainly neglected.  His jaw was locked, and he was slowly starving to death.  Officials believe he survived by using his paw to push food into his mouth.

The rescue group had difficulty locating a surgeon who could help Thor.  Finally, the VCA Animal Hospital in Rancho Cordova volunteered to help.  This is the same hospital that saved the life of Sacramento K-9 Officer Bodie, who had been shot in the jaw and leg earlier this year.

Thor and his caretaker Teresa Downing flew to California, courtesy of Alaska Airlines, on Thursday.

“I was hurt to think that somebody could go to bed at night thinking that he was starving like he was,” said Downing.

She has harsher words for Thor’s owner, but could not say them on camera.

Thor received a pre-op evaluation Friday morning as Bodie was there getting his final bandages removed.  Thor’s surgery was scheduled for this afternoon.

11 thoughts on “Alaska Airlines Covers Flight to California for Starving Dog’s Surgery”

    • Well, I hope he does NOT go back to his owner, but I DO hope he goes home with his Caretaker, she will hopefully be his new owner…

      I have to say a heartfelt “Thank you very much !” to Alaska Airlines for covering his flights to Sacramento, that is a truly wonderful and compassionate gift to give to what seems like a wonderful pooch, who has fallen on very hard times.

      Good luck and happy trails to Thor too !
      I hope you make a quick and full recovery wee man !

  1. We can only pray that Thor makes a full recovery. Awesome job Alaska Airlines! Teresa is a wonderful woman for doing all this for Thor. As for the human garbage that did this to this beautiful dog. Rot in hell or better yet hopefully some one breaks your jaw and you starve.

  2. Thank you Alaska Airlines! And thank you Teresa – is Thor going to be yours after his operation? I hope so because you clearly love him and he is bonded with you. You are probably the first person to ever give him love. Thank you.

  3. Does Alaska have any cruelty laws? What will happen to the scum bag owner who did this?
    Thank you Alaska Airlines , Teresa and VCA hospital for what you have done for this precious creature.


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