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Amora Is a Spunky, Fun-Loving Pooch Ready to Love you and your Friends and Family

by Fred

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5.27.17 Amora1


Are you a very active person who also knows how to kick back and relax?  Do you crave adventures in the great outdoors, and then come home in the evening and relax around a fire?  Have you been thinking of making a furry, four-legged addition to your home or family?  Well, have we got the dog for you!  Meet, Amora!

Amora is our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day, today.  She comes to us from our friends at the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio, and they can’t tell us enough about just how awesome of a dog Amora is.  As mentioned, she’s definitely a high-energy, and will do best with a person or family with the energy to match.  Amora loves to run around and explore, but that’s not the only side to this dynamic dog.


5.27.17 Amora2


While she’s a “go-getter” with tons of energy to spare, she can also be a very relaxed dog, too.  She loves being around people, and she’s even been a really great big foster sister to another dog.  She’s loves her role as the older dog so much, she’ll probably want a puppy to bring home with her!  And who could blame her?  Being a big sister rocks, right?!

If you’d like more information on Amora, click here to see her bio page.  If you’d like to see the Franklin County Dog Shelter’s main page click here, or to see their Facebook page, click here.

  • Kennel: B07
  • ID: 104673
  • Location: WARD B (ADOPTION)
  • Age: 4.0 Years
  • Breed: Pit Bull (Mix)
  • Adult Size: Large
  • Weight: 62.5 lbs
  • Sex: Female (Spayed)
  • Adoption Amount: $ 18