Amtrak’s Four-Legged Security System Gets Rave Reviews

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They’re called vapor wake dogs. Trained at Auburn University, and at Lackland Air Force base from the time they are puppies to identify the chemical signature of explosives from the scent that bombers leave behind, these four-legged security experts are on the job, making travel safer for Americans and loving every minute of their work.

Affordable and effective, these highly trained dogs are Amtrak’s primary line of defense against terrorists.

6 thoughts on “Amtrak’s Four-Legged Security System Gets Rave Reviews”

  1. These dogs should be at the airports. I love that the people traveling are not inconvenienced at all. This is the way we should be treated as passengers.

  2. Houndstooth – I SO agree with you!! Not only is the TSA inefficient, who wants to spend huge amounts of money to travel by air only to be treated as a potential criminal?! TSA seems to be poorly trained and because of that are directing their suspicions against those they shouldn’t and not focusing their suspicions on those they maybe should! Stories abound in the media and online about that….I say, there is a long and illustrious tradition of train travel in this country and others that in our country seems largely to have become just that – history – and my SO and I made a commitment after one of those horror tales of TSA shenanigans that from now on if we’re traveling, it will be by train! Hopefully there will also become more light rail/high speed options in the future, there is federal money for that and lots of us rail buffs would love to see that happen.

    And we need to make train travel “friendly” for our own dogs. Think I’ll contact AmTrak and see what’s up with that!


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