MO Puppy Mill Posing as Dog Rescue Group

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The Humane Society of the United States has submitted a complaint to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster requesting an investigation of the purported dog “rescue” group operated by state-licensed dog breeder.

The HSUS’ complaint contends that Laymon is violating the state’s consumer protection law, also known as the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, by deceiving the public into believing that the dogs in her operation are rescued from other facilities, when in fact many of the dogs may be coming directly from her puppy mill.

“This is only one example of the corruption that is prevalent in the high-volume dog breeding industry,” said Barbara Schmitz, Missouri state director for The Humane Society of the United States. “This puppy mill operator is not only profiting from breeding dogs in an inhumane manner, but now is also profiting by misrepresenting her operation and playing on the emotions of people who care about dogs and want to rescue them.”

The HSUS named Laymon’s breeding facility, Shadow Mountain Kennel, as one of the worst licensed puppy mills in the state in its 2010 and 2011“Missouri’s Dirty Dozen” reports. The kennel received a “dishonorable mention” in both reports based on consumer complaints about sick and dying puppies Laymon allegedly sold over the Internet, as well as USDA and state inspection records citing Laymon for numerous violations of federal and state welfare standards.

The violations included excessively matted dogs, inadequate veterinary care, and dirty housing conditions. In 2009, the USDA fined Laymon $7,125 for repeated violations and suspended her license for three years. However, Laymon continues to be licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture even though she has been cited by that agency at least 36 times for animal care violations.

HSUS’ complaint to the Attorney General explains that in April 2010 Laymon created the non-profit “rescue” operation, “Rescue A French Bulldog.” The “rescue” primarily operates through the website,, where Laymon offers French Bulldogs to the public for “adoption fees” that range from $500 to $950. Laymon also uses the website to solicit “donations,” ostensibly to help feed and care for the dogs.

Based on inside information HSUS received from a former consultant of Laymon’s, it appears that Laymon created this “rescue” to entice dog-lovers into buying dogs from her facility that she might not otherwise be able to sell, and to circumvent anticipated changes in state laws regulating dog breeders. The HSUS believes this situation has become more common as consumers are becoming aware of the abuses that occur at puppy mills.

To avoid unscrupulous puppy sellers, The HSUS recommends always visiting a rescue group or breeder in person and avoiding Internet-only transactions. Consumers who wish to file a complaint about an unscrupulous puppy seller are encouraged to contact The HSUS at

36 thoughts on “MO Puppy Mill Posing as Dog Rescue Group”

  1. How can French Bulldogs become matted? That is the major complaint? Something is fishy here. I guess that’s to be expected when the HSUS is involved.

    • Monica, what ignorant comments from YOU to and your ASSumptions. I don’t live in Missouri…matter of fact, I live over a thousand miles from there…..and I have never sold an animal of any sort. “Puppy Mill” is a meaningless term. Every person has their own definition. Yours is a new one on me!
      As to the people of Missouri and their vote….democracy is two lions and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

      • Well, George, puppy mill MAY be a meaning less word to you, in your country or state, but here in the states and especially in Missouri, it isn’t meaningless.
        I have NEVER seen, heard of, read about a puppy mill that only breeds one kind of dog. These people usually have a plethera of different dog breeds.
        And as for the democracy comment, really ignorant. It was just merely to state that nothing that we. the people, vote for is concrete.
        Obviously, you don’t give a darn about the plight of these animals and are more interested in bashing the HSUS.
        This only thing fishy here is you and I think everyone agrees.

      • George, you really are making yourself sound like an idiot. The story says this person has been cited numerous times for not taking proper care of these animals. What exactly do you think is fishy? That the HSUS is out to get her because they have nothing better to do? Get real and don’t take it out on the people who actually care about dogs just because you seem to have a problem with the politics.

        • So, thank you lace for informing me what the word “ignorant” means. I think I really understand it NOW, thank you.

  2. Just went to the website and they are still up and running I left a nasty email but they probably could care less I am making sure everyone I know knows about this place Shame on them!

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Monica!
    Fishy, George? This woman landed on the “dirty dozen” list. I highly doubt she’s cleaned up her act.

  4. I agree with George, something doesn’t seem right here. The whole “animal rights” activism is just one giant witch hunt. If you activists are so concerned about these frenchies, why not go in and “rescue” them yourselves? Writing “nasty” emails won’t do it, why not show up at this so-called “puppymill” and take the dogs? You don’t care about the dogs, you only care about seeing the people suffer. I am very aware that puppymills exist, but you activists need to realize that not everyone that breeds dogs is a puppymill.

    To all the others, why do you hold HSUS to such a high standard? If you’re donating money to them, there’s a 99.999% chance it is ending up in a politicians pocket and not at a rescue shelter. Do your research.

    • OMG, I don’t even know where to start with your comment. What doesn’t seem right? Because the article mentioned that ONE of her MANY fines was that the dogs were matted and his “intelligent comment” was “How can French Bulldogs get matted?” Wow.
      And, the “whole animal rights activism is a witch hunt.” Double wow. If it wasn’t for us “activist”, dogs would be sitting in puppy mills like this one, that I might point out AGAIN, that was fined 26 times? If it wasn’t for us “activist,” pit bull fighting would be legal. If it wasn’t for us “activist” we would be eating horse meat here in the United States.
      And here’s a reply to your best comment yet – “why don’t we show up to the ‘so-called puppy mill’ and take the dogs?” Gee, I wish it was that easy. I wish I could pull up in my Honda Accord and take, what maybe 100 dogs? that would solve the problem, wouldn’t it? AND, we don’t care about the dogs, just want to see people suffer. I am just amazed at your comment. What are you thirteen? IF the people on here leaving comments didn’t care about the animals, we wouldn’t be leaving comments. We would be reading the informative articles about THE ANIMALS that Life With Dogs puts out here for us to read.
      Do you know for a fact that 99.99% of what we give the HSUS goes into politicians pockets? Have YOU done your research. Think not. Please, go do a google search on animal cruelty and come back and make sensible comment. Better yet, google animal activist. I don’t think you will see the words “witch hunt” associated with it. Geeezzzz.

      • That was suppose to say: “we WOULDN’T be reading the articles that Life With Dogs puts out here for us to read.” Sorry. Guess my head was spinning.

        • Monica,

          Get your head out of your you-know-what and realize that you don’t know everything. You don’t know who I am, you don’t know who I used to work for. You obviously believe what you want and refuse to see the many sides to this story and other animals rights stories.

          Pit bull fighting is illegal, and still happening. Puppymills are abhorrent facilities, and they still exist. Bad breeders are everywhere, including the AKC. Why not focus your energy and obvious passion to changing the laws that are supposed to protect these animals, instead of going after the individuals that make up the small majority of dog breeders that you and your infinite wisdom have labelled “puppymills”.

          Insulting me, my age and intelligence will not win you this battle. Your ignorance will not win you this battle. Grow up and focus your energy to where it belongs.

          • No Candice, I don’t eat horsemeat, I am a vegetarian, thank you.
            Grow up? I wasn’t the one that said just drive in there and get the dogs. AND we just want to see the people suffer? WTH is with that comment?
            “Us” activist realize that not every one that breeds dogs is a puppy mill, I don’t really think that was this issue of the article. It was about ONE woman and was fined numerous times.
            Somewhere you got lost.
            The only battle I am trying to win here is for the dogs and the people that run puppy mills and get away with it.

  5. Anyone who cares about animals can be marginalized and disrespected by anyone who feels strongly that animals exist only for human profit no matter the misery inflicted on the animals. George, you are so trollish as to be amusing – if your antics weren’t so typical and so scary. Everyone knows what a puppy mill is and what it isn’t is a responsible breeder. Go google “responsible breeder” if you wish to educate yourself about what responsible breeders ARE and what they DO to BE responsible.

    HSUS does have a less-than-stellar record for its “activism” (for lack of a more appropriate label) and those who wish to donate to charities need to avail themselves of the many monitoring websites that check whether “rescues” are legitimate and whether they are fulfilling their mission statements.

    It is very simple to close down a faux rescue esp. one soliciting hundreds of dollars for rehoming the “rescues” and as well simultaneously soliciting “donations for the rescue.” There is a three-letter term for who can AND WILL shut down such a one as the Frenchie Rescue. That three-letter term is (for the previously unenlightened): I.R.S.

    Believe me. There is nothing like the smell of laundered money to bring about a full-on investigation by the IRS.

  6. And, George, yes, any short-coated dog can get matted. Their hair can become matted by sticky filth including feces and skin, eye and mucous membrane conditions which exude infectious matter. Clearly you know little about dogs in general, and in particular about the shameful and, for the dogs, horrific conditions existing in puppy mills.

    If you don’t want to donate to HSUS, then don’t. If you don’t agree with Wayne Pacelle (and many don’t and strongly dislike him) then don’t listen to him, don’t buy/read his book or donate to him. There are plenty of other legitimate political organizations and rescues and humane societies which are deserving. To some, HSUS is one of those. Charitable donations are matters of personal choice and no one needs to preach to anyone else about who gets donations of their personal dollars.


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